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The Bengal association – Social and cultural group

Bengalis are the third-largest ethnic group in the world, after the Han Chinese and Arabs and diverse group in terms of cultural affiliations and practices Keeping this is mind, The Bengal Association, Chennai has been celebrating everything Bengali since it’s inception in 1929. We celebrate not only all the Bengali “Parbans” but also, which carry Bangla legacies in the filed of Culture and Literature. We celebrate the existence of our pride Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore through a grand event. We also show respect to many other laureates’ poet Nazrul Islam, Shri Satyajit Ray. Bengali Literature is one of our heritage and we at The Bengal Association, Chennai publish a Bengali Literary magazine called “Dakhiner Darpan”. Dakhiner Darpan acquaints reach Bengali literature With our young generation and gives an opportunity to the Bengalis to showcase their imagination through writing. We celebrate most of the Bengali festivals from Durga Puja to Sawaswati puja. As a part of our mission we conduct Poush Mela, through which Bengalis in Chennai can feel the essence of auspicious Bengali month Poush, when we bring a slice of Bengal showcasing Bengali Food, Music, Handicrafts etc. Bengali cinema is also an essential part of every Bengalis, we bring critically acclaimed and popular Bengali movies for screening. As a part of our social responsibilities we run a school to educate the unprivileged and mostly first generation learners and also participate in many welfare events, donate for natural calamities and need for the society.

Team Members

Trustee & Executive Committee

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The Kalyani Kumarmangalam Nursery & Primary School
The Kalyani Kumarmangalam Nursery & Primary School is run by the Bengal Association to give economically disadvantaged groups to access high-quality education. Pre-kindergarten to 5th standard is English medium The Central Government's Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme is linked with the School.
Guest House
Bengal Associates social and cultural group
Bengal Associates social and cultural group provides a guest house facility in Chennai for the convenience of its members, families, and guests during short-term visits. The facility offers comfortable accommodations with the necessary amenities and services to make their stay enjoyable.
In addition to its book collection
The Association has a reach collection of Bengali and English literature. Few of the collections are rare and popular ones. Thousands of Books are mainly donated by the members. Members take books for Reading at home.
Association has got an excellent modern Auditorium
A modern auditorium with built in sound acoustic environment, well lighted and ventilated. The AC auditorium has 400 seating capacity, the audience can relax on the pushback seat and enjoy the events. Ideal for any kind of cultural events, drama, dance and even corporate presentations. The auditorium is equipped with modern lights system which is idea for Drama, Theater and Movie as well.
Multipurpose Hall
The multipurpose hall of the association is a versatile space
The multipurpose hall of the association is a versatile space that serves various purposes, such as meetings, cultural events, and sports activities. Additionally, it can be rented out by members for hosting personal events, including weddings and receptions. The hall's adaptability and availability make it a convenient and valuable option for members to organize their events.